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... to Harshlands, one of the most well developed, largest, and most entertaining muds on the internet. Harshlands is a skill-based mud that takes place in the Hârn role-playing world.

The Idea ...

The HarshlandsMUD is, above all else, a role-playing game world. The game should be viewed in most ways as a traditional sit-down, pencil and paper, role-playing game, and not as a video game where the object is to tally the most kills.

What is a MUD you ask? MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon/Domain. It is a text based world that allows you to interact with others and move around in a world that is richly detailed in description and characters to meet. People play these games by Telneting or using a MUD program to access the server that the text world is run upon. You can do anything in this text environment that you could do in any video role-playing game and usually much more. You can become better at your chosen trade, buy/sell, travel, fight, get a job and the scope is pretty much endless.

We, the staff of the Harshlands, should be viewed in the same way as one would view the game master of any role-playing game (RPG). We create the world and the things in it, design plot-lines and quests, and, on occasion, play the parts of the various NPCs spread around the world. In essence, game mastering by committee. The code, while it fills some roles that a game master would, should be viewed more as a combination of the game rules and the dice in a role-playing game.

For your part, it is your responsibility to fit within this framework, and play the part of a character in the game world. By playing a character, we mean that, at all times, you should stay "in character." You should give some thought to what motivates your character, what your character's goals are, and what he/she fears. You could, perhaps, develop some peculiar habits to make your character unique. Admittedly, if you are starting anew in this game, finding a role within the game world is not immediately easy. However, once you understand the structure and conflicts of the society it should be easy to find your niche. (Carefully reading the help files and documents on the mud, as well as the various files on this homepage will also be helpful.)

By "in character" we mean that you should talk and act only in ways that pertain to the game world. Chit-chat about real life events is not in character. You should also try to not speak in terms of game mechanics; please don't refer to your hit points, moves, skill values, etc.

Our promise to you is to create a realistic, involved and evolving world. Good players may find aspects of the world revolving around their characters; this is our reward to you for good play.

If you need to have an NPC "animated" by the immortal staff for role-playing purposes, please "petition" the staff for assistance.

The Overview ...

The world of Harshlands is huge. Currently, the world consists of the island of Harn, an island roughly the size of Great Britain, off the coast of the nearby continent ofLythia. Current building on the Mud has not yet finished the island of Harn. For those who are familiar with the Harn RPG World, several cities will be not be noticed, but will be added in the near future. There are over 16,000 rooms (we stopped counting), all of which pertain to the Harnic world - and all are original.

The game world is populated with several humanoid races. Some of these can be chosen during character creation, and others cannot. For more information, read the section on races.

Role-playing a character on Harshlands is quite different from that of most other mud's. There are no classes per-se, and character development is different from that of level-based mud's. Characters start out on a clean slate, with only a handful of silver coins to get them started. Typically, buying yourself some clothing to protect yourself from the weather is a good start. After that, it depends on what the desired goal for your character is. For some it may be to become a rich merchant, while for others it may be advance the cause of the Goddess Larani. For still others, it may be just to become acquainted with the vastness of the world and the life within it. Essentially, it comes down to what you wish to do. You are not forced to wander from room to room, killing monster after monster. If you wish to do so, it can be done, but guards may not approve of such actions within a city, or other characters may question your mortal fiber and challenge you. You can be killed by other characters, and death on Harshlands is quite "harsh." Play your character the way you desire to play it, and play its role like you would in a serious rpg session with a GM, and the gaming world should more than satisfy you.

The world of Harshlands is not as "high magic" as that of other mud's, but there are several magical and pseudo-magic systems on the mud. First of all, there is the religion system. Priests of the various deities can choose from spells relative to their circle within the church hierarchy. After religion, there are the Shek-Pvar, or what are more commonly known as "mages." Alchemy is another pseudo-magical system that is available. There are a number of alchemical recipes, and those who know the recipe and have managed to acquire the proper reagents can create various potions. A system similar to alchemy is also available, herbalism. Herbalism can be used to make a living, or just keep you living in the wilderness, if you have the necessary skills and can find the plants needed. The final system that is similar to magic is psionics. Players have no choice in this matter, as psionics is a matter of chance that is related to a character's aura. Psionic talents are rare, but those few high aura individuals may receive them.





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Caution: Harshlan​ds i​s Rated T for "Teen", Blood, Suggestive Them​​​es, Use of Alcohol, Violence
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